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Approval of material manufacturers

Approval of Material Manufacturers

Take advantage of DNV GL’s approval of material manufacturers to enhance your business.

Manufacturers of metallic and non-metallic materials need to be approved when serving customers seeking DNV GL classification for their ships or marine products.

To obtain DNV GL approval, our experts verify your manufacturing processes for compliance with our classification rules and further relevant standards. This is normally done during a test program supervised by a DNV GL surveyor.

During this verification, manufacturers demonstrate that:

  • They have suitable facilities for manufacturing, testing and inspection
  • The manufacturing is carried out by qualified personnel
  • Constant monitoring of product quality has been established

The businesses we serve:

  • Primary production of materials, such as iron, steel, nonferrous metals, resins and fibres for non-metallic components
  • Fabrication of products, such as forgings, plates, pipes, tubes, polymers, fibre-reinforced composites and acrylics
  • Material processing and distribution, such as material service centres, heat treatment workshops, welding companies and materials suppliers
  • We also carry out the assessment of manufacturers according to the EU Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and certification of factory production control according to the European Construction Product Regulation (CPD 89/106/EEC – CPR Regulation [EU] No. 305/2011).
  • You benefit from high-quality materials as well as customer trust and confidence when gaining DNV GL approval.

Your advantages: 

  • Enhanced business opportunities within the maritime industry as the holder of a reputable DNV GL approval certificate
  • A listing of your approval in the list of approved manufacturers available on the DNV GL website so that potential customers can easily find you
  • Full-service solutions due to close cooperation between DNV GL’s welding experts, our accredited testing laboratories for materials and failure analyses, and our experts for pressure equipment and underwater technology

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